Privacy guarantee procedure (confidentiality) for sending the works to the referees, for the guarantee of the confidentiality of the author and the autonomy of judgment of the referees.

In order to guarantee the privacy of the authors and the independent judgment of the reviewers in charge of the evaluation of the works transmitted to them, the Editorial Board of the journal has defined the following procedure:

1) All works, duly signed by the main author and / or unique word format must be sent exclusively by mail to the author attached to an email sent to the following email address pec of LIRPA JOURNAL which can only be accessed by the Director of the Editorial Board of the magazine.

2) The article, after being anonymised exclusively by the latter through the           replacement of the signed signing of the article with a progressive number (combined with the name of the author in a reserved list accessible only to the Editor’s Editor), is forwarded to ‘Administrator who provides for sending by email to two referees, possibly belonging to different GEVs (The peer opinion magazine employs three Groups of Evaluation Experts (GEV), external to the Journal, each having a University Professor in charge. . The three GEVs are in turn coordinated by an Editor in Chief (EIC), who is also responsible for one of the GEVs. The names of the 2 members of the GEV charged with the revision of a specific scientific work are secret and inaccessible to the authors of the works submitted and vice versa as already indicated in point 2).

3) Together with the work, the Standardized Evaluation Form, presented in the Journal section of the Experts Reviewers (GEV), is also sent to the Evaluation Expert, chosen according to the randomness method. The Auditor is required to complete it, sign it with a date and send it, attached to the revised article, to the Administrator by email.

4) The Administrator transmits the evaluation form to the Evaluation Committee Director, who will take care of the transmission of the Expert’s opinion anonymously.

5) In case of suggestions, requests for corrections and / or integration and / or elimination of parts of the work deemed incongruous, the author must put in place what is requested by the Auditor and retransmission the article to the email address pec of the magazine , highlighting, however delectable, the changes made, and attaching the opinion received by the Expert.via

6) The Editor of the Editorial Board submits the modified article to the Editorial Board, which has the task of verifying the correspondence of the changes made with the instructions of the Expert Auditor and forwarding it, via e-mail, to the Administrator, and for knowledge of the Journal’s Scientific Director for the publication of the issue of the magazine under construction. The Director of the Editorial Committee only in this moment of the procedure formally communicates to the Administrator the name of the author and his references for possible contacts of theJourna readers.

7) This procedure is also mandatory for works written by members of the magazine-editor, scientific director, editorial board director (in the latter case, its functions will be taken directly by the scientific director of the Journal). Drafting – in order to guarantee also for these editorial figures, on the one hand, the equal rights / duties with respect to all the authors of articles external to the magazine and the consequent scientific value of their articles, but on the other hand to excuse conflict of interest.